STEROL 117™ /on Clinical Experiences

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Vegetable Capsule Dietary Supplement /60 count

Non-GMO / GLUTEN FREE / Natural Plant Base Product

Due to this product is consumable in nature, for Safety Reasons: THIS ITEM IS NON-RETUNABLE / NON-REFUNDABLE. 


Many external conditions can affect the strength of our immune system. Age can also affect our body's ability to process the elements needed to maintain good immune health 

STEROL-117™ is a patented and clinically tested plant sterol and antioxidant supplement that regulates your immune system by “up-regulating” it when it is under-performing [such as when you are sick], and “down-regulating” it when it is over reacting [such as when you are suffering from allergies].

STEROL-117™ INGREDIENTS /include: 300mg Free plant sterols (per capsule), Grapeseed extract, Zinc, Cellasate a proprietary blend of essential fatty acids and minerals; ingredients that offer exceptional immune enhancing properties, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial uses. The ingredients in STEROL-117™ are very susceptible to destruction in the stomach acids, Celt Naturals found a way to protect these sensitive ingredients by enteric coating the active molecules, so they pass through the stomach acids safely and into the lower bowel where they have their maximum effect.

IMPORTANT CAUTIONS: People who have had an organ transplant MUST NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT.

Also, If you are pregnant or nursing, diabetic, taking medication, or under the care of a doctor, consult your physician before taking this supplement.


STEROL-117™ Testimonials On Clinical Experiences

A 60 year old women consulted my office with a shoulder problem and terrible allergies. Clinically this area can be associated with sinus and allergy problems. I did a chiropractic adjustment with a follow up of no changes to her allergies. I then suggested she try Sterol 117 as part of the treatment plan. After 1 week of taking 4 capsules per day she reported a 90% improvement in her symptoms. Bottom line the patient is thrilled.

Dr R.A. Kelowna

Patient Anton aged 17, runny nose and itchy eyes, presenting with symptoms of skin allergies and allergy to airborne allergens and dust. He also showed a topical rash when he played sports. Started Sterol 117 at one cap per day and 30 minutes before sports activities such as volleyball. All symptoms disappeared and he remain symptom free. I also saw less colds and flu that he was susceptible to.

Female 44 years old, a teacher complaining of a regular sore throat. S I started her on Sterol 117 1 cap a day for one week then every other day for one month. Symptoms disappeared and she has remained free of her sore throat.

Patient male 40 years old suffering from allergies to pets that he owned. Typical runny nose, sore throat and itchy eyes. No help from over the counter drugs like anti histamines. I once again tried him on Sterol 117 and within a short period of time he was symptom free. The results were very encouraging.

I.A. Clinician-Toronto


The formula is unique, novel, and is used extensively in clinical setting to support a dysfunctional immune response. It has the capacity to reduce nasty inflammatory markers CRP and IL-6 that are known be a major issue with auto-immune conditions.

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